5 Pro Tips to Create a Successful Blog Strategy

According to 55% of digital marketers, blogs are a very important tool in their toolkits for increasing awareness and for inbound marketing. A digital marketing company that invests in a serious blogging strategy is likely to see up to 13x positive ROI compared to marketers who don’t.

As an experienced digital marketing company in Arizona, we are in the best position to guide you in developing your own successful blogging strategy with these five pro tips.

Naming the blog

Finding the name that reflects your brand, concept, and values is a challenge. Blog names become popular when they are:

  • Easy to recall.
  • Short.
  • Have relevance. and
  • A domain name is available.

Set goals

Without setting a goal for the blog, you will share content that may confuse your readers and may seem incoherent. The goal gives you the reason you set out to start the blog in the first place, and the stronger it is, the more success you will have.

To find your “why,” answer these questions. Start with “Do I wish to…

  • build a powerful brand?
  • increase footfall at my establishment, offices, or shop?
  • generate more leads for my team or increase online sales?
  • educate potential users and customers?
  • inform existing customers about new happenings?

Build an audience persona

Only by understanding the mindset and preferences of your target audiences, you can win their trust. To get to know them you need details like:

  • Which online sites they use to socialize?
  • Where do they go to get educated on any topic?
  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • What type and form of content do they enjoy reading?


Writing a successful blog requires extensive research on the latest SEO practices and keywords. Which one’s drive traffic in, and which are useless? What are the potential customers looking for, and where are they finding their answers?

You can make up to ten groups of keywords on which you see there is sufficient traffic, and you want your blog to rank. As Google and other search engines continuously update their algorithms, you must also adapt to them and use keywords in the natural flow of a sentence.


In the best-case scenario, your blog will appear as the top entry on SERP. But more realistically, you will need the help of content promotion strategies on social media and search engines for more readers to discover, read and share it.

You can use the organic reach of your social media pages if you have a large following, but for starters, you must rely on SMM, including influencer marketing.

Grow with a successful blogging strategy

While blogging may seem easy as you can write whatever and whenever you wish, successful blogging that leaves an impact on the readers and brings traffic to your website needs an effective strategy.

With only a few hours of pre-work and contemplation, you can ensure that your blog becomes a success, and your revenues increase with more traffic. An experienced digital marketing company can help you with all such aspects of content marketing.