Converting Your Blog Traffic From Readers Into Leads

Writing and maintaining an engaging and well-presented blog is an effective way to interest potential customers and promote your products/services. In the 21st century, it has actually become a necessity for a business to invest in a regularly updated and an efficiently designed blog – because having a static website where you just list and sell your products/services is no longer enough

By supplementing your online store with a business blog, you can ensure that you strengthen your online presence and really stand out from the countless competitors vying for views, clicks and sales. In order to ensure that readers of your blog are converted into actual customers, however, there are a number of tactics you can employ to elevate your lead generation efforts.


The Art of Conversion

When it comes to blogging for your business, bringing in traffic is just the first step. By publishing high-quality, relevant and SEO optimised content, you’ll find that you start ranking prominently in search engine results and more and more traffic will start coming your way.

You’ll know that you have established a successful blog when you have a consistent and expanding readership base who click on your links, stay around on your website for longer and explore its various pages. Ultimately, your business’ blog comprises the front-line of your marketing strategy, functioning as the first interaction potential customers will have with your business.

This is just the beginning, however, because while you may have attracted an audience for your blog you now need to find a way to convert these readers into actual paying customers. Many businesses struggle with the art of conversion, because their visitors will read whatever content they have provided and then leave without taking an action or even identifying themselves.

It is evident that you’ll have to do something further in order to ensure that the majority of your potential customers don’t disappear without a trace.


The Relationship Between Traffic and Leads

This is where a lead generation agency comes in, because they can apply their expertise and resources and work with you to create a strategy which extracts the most value from your business blog. Generating traffic is definitely a desirable goal, but it is crucial that you combine this with lead generation if you are to see the outcomes that you want.

Visits, clicks and comments are nothing more than vanity metrics if they’re not followed by anything more substantial. Vanity metrics may look good on paper, but they don’t actually result in a subscription or a sale unless you adopt an active approach for converting them.

As a business, it will be your responsibility to strengthen and strategize your blogging content so that it converts traffic into leads. Traffic without leads is meaningless because you won’t be receiving any further revenue, and leads without traffic are a limited resource because they will eventually dry up and with them any revenue that they were bringing in.


Using The Right Strategies

When you collaborate with a reputable lead generation agency, they will carefully assess your business’ unique model and use it to inform a comprehensive, cost-effective and efficient lead generation strategy. There are countless methods, techniques and tools that can be used, and these include some tried-and-tested strategies which have been proven to work consistently and reliably.

First and foremost, the importance of including a call to action in each of the blogs you publish cannot be underestimated. When you’re blogging for your business, you can’t be satisfied with encouraging your readers to leave a comment, or share the content, or do some further reading. Instead, you need to convince your readers that they have to take a certain action if they are to receive a benefit, whether it is an exclusive offer, a free sample or valuable information. Examples of calls to action include:

  • Signing up to your website
  • Downloading something, such as a document or infographic
  • Clicking on a link to your online store
  • Subscribing to an email newsletter
  • Contacting you via email or telephone

The beauty of a business blog is that you can tailor it however you want, and integrate as many clever strategies as you wish for the purpose of generating leads. This approach is relatively discrete as well because your readers have chosen to visit your blog, and so any marketing tactics that you use won’t come across as too irrelevant, aggressive or annoying.

For example, alongside a call to action you can also tempt readers with the offer of exclusive or upgraded content in exchange for their contact details. Also make sure to promote your products in your posts, but in a subtle way which is in line with the theme and subject of the blog post itself. Include numerous internal links to other blog posts or listings on your online store, basically anything you can do to keep readers on your site for as long as possible.

It’s also important that you demonstrate your authority and expertise in whatever products and/or services you are selling. Readers will come to your blog because they are interested in a particular subject, have a question which they want answered or a problem which they need a solution to. These readers are more likely to be converted into paying customers if you have reassured them that you are an expert in what you do.


Harness The Power of Blogging

Blogging is an incredible resource for your business. When you invest in a thriving, updated and consistent blog, you have the perfect platform from which you can attract potential customers and then convert them into paying leads – all in one place. It is crucial that the content you publish on your blog is high-quality and engaging so that it becomes an invaluable asset not only to your business but to your readers as well.

You are then in the ideal position to convince your readers why they should choose your business, and encourage them to take some sort of action whether it is signing up, making a subscription or completing a purchase. With these measures, you’ll be bringing in a reliable stream of traffic to your website which you can then convert into the leads you want.