Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our Team

Founder and CEO

Gavin has an amazing history of Business Development and is driven by client success. He is an Agency and Sales Mentor and father to three children.

Marketing Specialist

Mark is one of our paid traffic specialists. Forever building and tweaking world-class campaigns.

Chief Operating Officer

Cameron is very experienced with the backend operations of software development. He also spends a lot of his time outside with his dog and is a bookworm!

Director of Communications

Tracy lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and has a great entrepreneurial spirit and loves to network. She’s a certified lifeguard and is learning how to perfect every style of cooking an egg.

Business Development Manager

Andrew is very driven by sales and has more than two decades of experience managing sales. He also speaks French!

Business Development Manager

James is from the United Kingdom and currently lives in Dublin, Ireland. He enjoys hacking his way around a golf course with friends and reading a good book by the pool when on holiday.

Business Development Manager

Lawrence is an excellent communicator with years of marketing and project management experience. He secretly just wants to be a ninja, so you’ll likely find him rolling in his local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym or hiking in the wilderness.

Web Design and Development Manager

Chintan has an eye for design as he’s always looking for ways to optimize web development. He loves to travel and read in his spare time.